2.2 How long do I sign a contract for?

We will provide you with a rental contract between 7 and 12 months, but no less than that. Please understand that we are looking for mid- to long-term tenants, who come here for studies or to work, not just on holiday.
We explicitly do not rent out holiday homes, if that is what you are after, unfortunately we cannot help.
Our contracts include a three month cancellation period, should you want to leave earlier.

2.1 Who is on the rental contract?

The contract will always be between the owner, represented by us, Berlin99 Property GmbH, and every person who stays in the apartment. We remain your point of contact for the duration of your tenancy for any queries or issues you may have.
If you are a couple or you are sharing a flat, communication is key. Should your living situation change, all people on the contract remain responsible until we find a mutual agreement.