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About this district

Spandau is the most western district of Berlin and borders with Charlottenburg and Steglitz-Zehlendorf. The district is best known for its location on the river Havel and for its old town, which is characterized by small shops, department stores and restaurants. There are still many historically preserved houses and the Spandau shopping street is the largest pedestrian zone in Berlin. Spandau is considered extraordinary because of its very own city feeling, influenced by great local patriotism – the locals call themselves Spandauer rather than Berliner. Spandau’s probably most striking building is the Zitadelle, where many big events take place. It is one of the oldest buildings in Berlin.

The Berlin-Spandau railway station is an important junction for long-distance and local transport and the Berlin-Tegel airport can be reached very quickly. Due to Spandau’s location at the Spree-Havel estuary, there is also a distinct ferry service. The landscape is varied, the district is surrounded by forests and fields, but also marinas and has with Siemensstadt the largest industrial location in Berlin. Although some parts of Spandau may seem like a big city, an authentic small-town atmosphere prevails, and urban development is proceeding at a more leisurely pace here than in other parts of Berlin.

Living in Spandau can mean an old school life. Berlin99 has been offering apartments in Spandau for years. From Berlin-typical apartment buildings and large housing estates to villas, single-family homes and village atmospheres, Spandau offers a wide variety of living spaces. A trip on Berlin’s longest underground line, the U7, can be time-consuming, but Spandau is still well connected to the other parts of Berlin and the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. The Berlin99 tip: the Brauhaus Spandau with its 13 own types of beer.

BER Airport:
45 minute drive or 60 minutes by public transport

Hauptbahnhof Station:
25 minute drive or 30 minutes by public transport

Potsdamer Platz:
30 minute drive or 40 minutes by public transport

East Side Gallery:
45 minute drive or 60 minutes by public transport