Booking Process

The below information describes how the vast majority of applications are processed. We try to service both our owners´ and our tenants´ needs to the best of our abilities, but every person and apartment is a little different – so the process might vary slightly for you.

If you have questions or doubts, feel free to ask – that’s what we are here for!

Please provide us with the following information and documents:

► How many people are looking to move?

► What´s your earliest possible check-in date and how long you are planning to stay?

► What do you do for a living, what´s your source of income? Show us how you are planning to pay the rent. Ideally, that’s your work contract, if you cannot provide that, we accept bank statements or savings accounts.

► Filled out tenant information form for every person moving ☛ Download here

► Copy or scan of your passport or ID

► If you are a student, we require a guarantor form from a parent or guardian

If you are not willing to provide your personal documents without seeing the apartment first, we absolutely understand. Please do note, however, that all documents are required if you want to become our tenant.



❯ We will invite you to a viewing via Google Calendar. You´ll receive an email where you can rsvp, as well as additional info on where or who to meet. Viewings usually take place during the week early in the morning between 8-10 am or in the afternoon between 4-5 pm. We try to be as flexible as possible, but please understand that we´re a small team – we avoid mass viewings and try to take our time to answer all your questions.

Owner’s approval

❯ Once you have viewed an apartment and you confirm your interest, we will contact the respective owner with the info provided in order to propose you as tenant. We do not disclose your private documents to them.

Once the owner has approved of you as tenant, we will proceed by arranging a sign-in date. On that day we will hand you the keys, document the state of the apartment and sign a handover protocol.

Payments and contract

❯ In order to reserve an apartment, we will ask you to pay the deposit and send us a screenshot of the transfer order. We will then stop marketing and confirm that the apartment is reserved for you.

You are more than welcome to review and sign the rental agreement first, of course. Or to ask for an appointment in the office and we can sign the contract here – we want you to feel safe and comfortable with the process!

The agreed deposit and first rent are to be paid latest by the date of the sign-in. Please note that we do not hand out keys unless both transfers have been made. In some cases, we allow a cash payment and provide you with a receipt.


❯ On the day of your move-in, we will physically meet in the apartment to sign you in and hand you keys. We will write up a protocol/inventory and take photos of all items, as well as potential damages and the general state of the apartment. Documents and photos will be uploaded onto Google Drive and you are provided with the link.

General Info

❯ Unless otherwise advertised, our apartments are furnished, come with built-in kitchens, washing machine, and wireless internet. Advertising prices are for the whole apartment and include utility bills and internet, and an allowance for heating, gas or electricity, unless otherwise stated. Only the German state “Rundfunkbeitrag” (a national broadcasting fee of 18,36€ per household and month, payable once tenants register the apartment as their principal residence) must be paid by tenants themselves.

❯ We charge a one-off onboarding fee of 250€ per person for which you will be provided with a receipt.